Sudlows working at the core of your business

Sudlows Consulting is an award winning critical infrastructure specialist formed around Design & Consultancy, Auditing, and Professional Services. Established in 2014, the company has quickly established itself as the consultancy of choice for Critical M&E and data centre projects. Our highly qualified staff of Engineers and Consultants provide bespoke technology road maps that enhance, improve and ensure that every critical facility operates to the highest levels of international standards of resilience, sustainability and energy efficiency.  

Our Journey

Our own journey roadmap begins in UK over a century ago and was inspired by its rich and dynamic history to share its philosophies and innovations internationally. As leaders in critical infrastructure with a strong heritage in engineering we have always been part of the constantly evolving critical infrastructure technology landscape that nowadays has a global message of delivering energy efficiency and resilience.


Our People

We are proud to employ the industry’s most dedicated, talented and passionate staff. With over 10 Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designers operating internationally,  Sudlows believe in providing excellence across every aspect of the business and our engineering and consultancy team are at the core of this vision. All of our employees, hold exceptional qualifications in their engineering field as well as multiple awards for leadership and expertise.


Our Core Affiliations

Here at Sudlows we pride ourselves on our knowledge, dedication and excellence, reflected through our awards, accreditations, associations and extensive client list. We continue to strive throughout every aspect of our business and our affiliations are a strong representation of the quality of our services, our employees and our vision.